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Nefarious Jobs is a multinational service which assists those in need with conflict resolution concerning a variety of offenses. We have a great many of the worlds most skilled specialists in investigations, computer sciences,  legal services, and other disciplines which assist us in aiding our clients with situations which are both complex as well as personally and professionally difficult. In this we insure that proper resolution can be found without the client being exposed to the possible repercussions of personal actions. We also provide a method of resolution which is both legal and satisfying for our clients which will not lead to unpleasant situations with law enforcement.

Our skilled professionals work tirelessly to insure that our clients needs are met while maintaining a healthy respect for, and abidance with the laws of the countries in which we do business.  NO REVENGE IS WORTH 25 YEARS IN PRISON AS A BAD MAN'S GIRLFRIEND!

                BAD REVENGE                                                                                           GOOD REVENGE


        BAD REVENGE!                                                                                                      GOOD REVENGE!

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