Frequently asked questions

Do you perform hacking,phishing, or DDOS?

Nefarious Jobs performs no hacking, phishing, or philshing. Similarly we perform no DDOS attacks or penetration services of any kind. Please do not ask. Nefarious Jobs performs all services under the watchful eye of our legal dept who must vett all operations.

How does it work?

Once you send us an email inquiry about one of our packages, you will receive a case questionnaire which will allow us to evaluate your case and come up with possible solutions. We will then send you a free evaluation of your case and sevices we can provide. Once you agree to the case evaluation we will send you our billing informaton. Once your account is credited we will begin your operation.

Do you perform any physical services?

NO! At times we may employ a private investigator to gather more subject information, however they are all licensed professionals. We may also have mail, packages, and "gifts" delivered to subjects However this is the extent. We perform no other types of physical actions AT ALL.

What types of payment do you accept?

At present we accept authorize.net. Unlike many unscrupulous firms, Authorize.net has a proven chargeback and dispute system which assures you of safety of purchase. In addition we offer a full contract of services so you are completely clear on what services will be carried out and the responsibilities of both parties during your operation. Never trust a firm which accepts bitcoins for purchases.

Are all of your cases kept confidential

We have never spoken of or divulged client information to anyone for any reason. Similarly all clients are guaranteed confidentiality on their case for life. So long as you keep our confidentiality clause and never divulge our working relationship you are afforded full protections by our firm. The only clients who have ever had a problem with this our those who broke confidentiality themselves * see terms for more information.

I have heard about top tier clients receiving specialized services?

You are asking about our Platinum membership group. Platinum members are our version of VIP retainer clients. Only our CEO can authorize platinum with the approval of our board. If you have to ask how much it costs, you cannot afford it.

How do I get Started?

1. Select a package you are interested based as closely as possible to your situation. 2. Send us an email nefariousjobs@contractor.net 3. We will respond within 24 hours (M-F) PST 4. Once you have selected your package and credited your account we will furnish you with an operations plan for your case within the first week. This operations plan will include your case contract for your online signature. We will then begin background investigation on your subject and begin your active operation.

Can I speak to someone on the Telephone or on Skype?

Unfortunately, our company prohibits use of telephone or video conferencing without board approval. This is due to security concerns. Please email any inquiries.