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Normally we do not bother mentioning "competition" in the revenge for hire business however one company calling itself "Nefarious services" decided to copy our testimonials and packages along with making some truly ridiculous claims.


This site is a ham handed and idiotic site that blatantly rips off our package descriptions and pawns our services off as their own.  They have also tried to get clients and overcharge them and then seek our services to fulfill cases since they cannot do themselves.

In any case NEVER use Western Union, Venmo, or Cash App for anything costing over $1000 with someone you have never met.  They were using an app for contact with their marks, but it looks like they lost access and now are using email and phone numbers. The property they are working out of appears to be a residence located in a not-so-great area in Florida.  We have been told that this is simply a scam being run by a failing marijuana dealer in Florida, but no matter, it is a long way to Florida, but our reach is longer. 

We have done away with plenty of copiers, and even quite a few mainstays in the revenge for hire market and we are still here!! 


We are here,


because we are the BEST!

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