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Normally we do not bother mentioning "competition" in the revenge for hire business however one company "vengeance for hire" decided to post a ridiculous testimonial on their site about us so we thought we would address them. They state that their CEO Kal Veng is a Juris Doctorate however he is not registered with the Bar Association in New York City or anywhere else our investigators could find. Also lauded are a PHD, LLM, and a career in legal practice, yet nothing can be found in westlaw on him.  Also their website is brand new with no media done on them at all. Their packages are blatant ripoffs of Nefarious jobs. Also their office at

This is a regus office space.


 NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ANYONE WHO ONLY ACCEPTS BITCOIN!!! YOU MIGHT AS WELL THROW YOUR CASH OUT THE WINDOW.  We accept payment by only, this is to insure that our clients have a dispute resolution option through our vendor.

This is most likely an overseas operation strongly advise you steer clear.

Nefarious Jobs has handled hundreds of cases and have media which can be verified for the past 4 years. We are the absolute best, hands down in the revenge for hire business.

UPDATE: Vengeance for hire is now out of business. Bad business doesn't last. Good riddance.

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