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In business over 10 years with a track record of excellence and professionalism
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Nefarious Jobs understands that there are many unscrupulous companies online particularly in the Revenge for Hire business. Although we are not allowed to give any information regarding our services or company to the Better Business Bureau, we do maintain an A+ rating with this highly respected consumer protection organization.


Our Process

 It is a very simple process. Once you credit 50% of your account via wire or crypto (for maximum confidentiality) we will send you a questionnaire and verification email. We will then begin subject background investigations on the subject(s). We then create an operational outline for how we wish to conduct the operation. You must approve your operations outline for us to begin your operation. You may approve the operation, request additional services, a redraft of the operation, or ask questions regarding your operation at this time.


Once you approve the operation we will begin and complete the outline of operations. You may request alteration of your outline, pause, or stoppage to your operation at any time. However additional charges may apply if you request additional services or service duration depending on your package.


The remaining 50% is due once we have provided a proof of action and proof of service.

 The Proof of action is an action you can verify (usually the website for the operation) (not a real link),  the proof of concept is the operational outline which you must approve for the case to be greenlit for action. Secondary payment is required at greenlight. 

Confidentiality is required for this operation.


We will advise as each step of the outline is completed. 

*Please be advised that should we accept your case, we will both be bound by a strict confidentiality agreement please check the terms of service  (see below).

- John Winters


Nefarious Jobs

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